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the "washington post." exposes detailed much that we did not know before about the reach of america's intelligence agencies into the lives of ordinary non-terrorist, non-suspicious people living in this country. the way u.s. intelligence can and does track our phone calls, our e-mails, virtually all of it all the time. laura poitras and glenn greenwald have done this reporting based on classified documents, who has temporary asylum in russia. it is laura poitras and glenn greenwald who know what their source has to tell. it's they who have been telling his story, making news out of the documents he's given to them week after week now since june. yeah, their source may be in russia now, but they're not.
poitras along with reporting from the "washington post." exposes detailed much that we did not know before about the
. the march on washington. august 28th, 1963. ♪ >> people of all races, regular people from all walks of life, marching against injustice, marching to change history. >> we are the moral revolution. >> how long? we want our freedom and we want it now. >> a call to ask and a call for peace. a word that inspired a people, a nation and the entire world. >> free at least, free at least. thank god almighty we are free at least. >> tonight a special hour-hour toll particulars nation. the march on washington. the dream continues. >>> good evening. i'm al sharpton live from the lincoln memorial here on the national mall. first years ago hundreds of thousands of people stood where i am right now watching history. millions more watching at home, seeing the leaders of the civil rights movement. call for justice and equality. i talked to him from the exact spot where he can spoke 50 years ago. and we'll hear some of the young people who traveled hundreds of miles to help change the course of history. i'm honored to begin the show tonight with martin luther king iii and reverend joseph lowry, who mean cal
material, in connection with the speech he gave on the march on washington, i had provided him with a summary of ideas and summary of language that he had previously discussed. so it wasn't as if i was providing him with some creative ideas that were solely mine. i was more like a secretary who was summarizing and putting in the form that could be used for the speech, the opening paragraphs, little did i know, until i was sitting listening to him, i was standing some 50 feet behind him, when i was listening very carefully, i said, oh, my god, i guess he decided to use those opening paragraphs. to those paragraphs, which constituted the first seven paragraphs. to those opening paragraphs, he seemlessly added his own additional paragraphs, and it was when he was speaking his own additional paragraphs that he was interrupted from the written speech that he had prepared. and he was interrupted by mahalia jackson who shouted to him, tell him about the dream, martin. tell him about the dream. most people don't know that the speech which is so frequently celebrated over the years, the
. getting ready for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, "the new york times" website today posted that paper's original coverage, their coverage in the paper from the day that the march happened, back in 1963. and, of course, what's funny about the coverage, looking back on it now. funny/creepy/funny/creepy is how obsessed "the times" was and ow obsessed all of the mainstream media was. how relevant it felt to point out over and over again how nice the whole thing was. this emphasis is out of control. "it was an orderly washington rally." "the leaders of march called on congress with courtesy." "congress responded cordially." "it was an occupying army of marchers on washington, but it was polite." "politeness is the order of the day." "even the traffic control worked smoothly." "disorders were at a minimum." "only four arrested, including a nazi." oh, see, only the nazis were getting arrested. that was a fine day for a walk to the national mall. it is sometimes easier to see in history than it is up close while stuff is happening. but tactics matter in politics. strategy ma
on washington from august 1963. martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. the conservative media in our country, mostly yesterday, tried to pretend that anniversary was not happening. they spent last night complaining bitterly there were no republicans on stage a the 50th anniversary event. republicans weren't invited. today was the day when the conservative media finally bothered to fwogoogle the thing they were complaining about after the fact to realize tons of republicans were invited to be on the stage at the march on washington, it's just that every single one of them said no. the first president bush said no for health reasons. the second president bush said no also presumably for health reasons. jeb bush said no as well, because i don't know. as did john boehner. as did republican house majority leader eric cantor who has been trying to reinvent himself as the republican vaguely friendly toward sieve rights. eric cantor this year marched with john lewis at the re-enactment of the selma march at the edmund pettus bridge. he's been trying to improve his image on civil rights. when
right around 3:00 this afternoon on the steps of the u.s. capitol in washington. everybody out! everybody out! time to go! you don't have to go home but you got to live the heck out of here. yes, there was a mass exodus out of washington today as the house of representative s officially adjourned for their august recess this afternoon. and like teenagers on the last day of school, members of congress just bolted for the exits today. once the final bell rang, bye-bye, see you in a month. washington is now heading off for its summer vacation. their august recess. what do you do when you're heading off for vacation? well, don't you tend to take care of a few last-minute things? maybe you run the dishwasher one last time. you take out the trash. you do all of these things in order to put your house in order. before you leave. and you do that so that you're not faced with a big, stinky mess when you get back home. that's what people do when they're heading out for vacation. turns out washington did the same thing. now, contrary to what you may have heard, they actually did get some
founder of had added a little something called "the washington post" to his portfolio of investments alongside the 10,000-year clock in that mountain in west, texas, and also a company that makes little tiny mobile air bags that are supposed to deploy when they sense that you might be dropping your cell phone. and also and both of which went out of business when he invested in them, when news broke today that the venerable "washington post" was being bought by jeff bezos for $250 million cash, which is less than 1% of what he is worth, does what that means and what you think about that depend more on what you think about the "washington post" as an institution or what you think of jeff bezos as a guy? how much does ownership of news outlets make a difference in the worth of what those news outlets produce? that is becoming a less and less abstract question all the time in our country now because as the news business becomes totally fiscally devalued, frankly, random people can buy even its most esteemed and important pillars for the change rolling ar
. >> thank you so much for inviting me, rachel. >> so seeing the "washington post" reporting on this today was the first i learned about it, and i don't totally understand. i feel like i have been waiting to hear some sort of national answer from democrats about a national strategy to combat what is obviously a national republican strategy to roll back voting rights. what exactly are you toidoing? >> what the american values first voting rights strategy, is a 50-state strategy to promote policies and legislation that will, you know, ease access to voting as well as opposing the myriad of voter suppression measures going on in the states. over 30 states right now have either passed legislation or are in the process of passing legislation that would make it more difficult for people to vote. we're talking about students. we're talking about the disabled. we're talking about elderly. we're talking about minorities. this is really a truly -- it's an attack upon, you know, american values and, you know, american rights. >> we have been reporting on that for years now in terms of these very aggr
, if not the greatest foreign policy mistake ever. so now here we are. the drum beat in washington today says that there is going to be an american or an american and allied military hit of some kind against syria. what will that do? what choices does president obama have in terms of how to respond if he does want to respond militarily or otherwise? does congress get a say in the matter, and what happens if we are wrong about this? our government's track record on being wrong about chemical weapons is long. it spans multiple administrations for multiple reasons. and if the use of chemical weapons really is going to be a real red line in the world that demands a response when it happens, why is the world waiting for our government to make up our government's own mind about whether this happened instead of waiting for the u.n. weapons inspectors to say definitively one way or the other? the u.n. weapons inspectors are in syria right now. why is the world waiting on the u.s. government, especially with our track record on this issue, instead of waiting on the experts who are right now looking in
the "washington post" publishes new information about what yet more cash that you have taken since you have been governor. this time it was $50,000, apparently, that governor bob mcdonnell took from a virginia beach doctor. the governor took the money from the doctor then turned around and offered that same doctor a seat on a state medical board. but this time, thankfully, there appears to be a saving grace for the governor in that the quo was apparently rejected by the quid. even though the governor took the doctor's 50 grand then offered the doctor that seat on the state medical board, the doctor did not accept the offer. so, saving grace. since governor ultrasound has decided to just be completely u.n. embarrassed by all this, totally unashamed, federal grand jury, grand schmury, it's the commonwealth of opportunity for me. hey, buddy, have i got a deal for you? governor ultrasound is trying to appear untroubled by all the trouble he's in, the other person in virginia politics getting into deeper and deeper political trouble is virginia's attorney general, ken cuccinelli who also took thousan
. >>> war talk. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. it's about killing people when all the words are spoken, all the conversation about needing to enforce a red line to protect an international norm, any decision by president obama to bomb syria will kill people. it will kill the guys working the nightschihift. people doing their jobs to put food on their family tables. daddy who went to work that morning will not be coming home because of what this president decides to do. the assad family will be okay, of course. the designers of that "vogue" magazine spread won't be angu h anguished by the sight of this thoroughly western family lying on the floor. no, the people who will die in an american cruise missile attack will be the working, praying little family people whose husbands do the scud work. war sucks. even in neat little bite-size act of war like the one that might come any day now. and, yet, and yet. how do we avoid this flagrant reality if we don't? those deciding in tehran right now whether to build a nuclear bomb
the washington incessant nattering on this issue which right now feels like it is going nowhere, at the same time, a totally different very emotional and at times daring series of actions and provocations and protests have been unfolding around the country and on the border on this issue. actions largely taken by young people. like these kids who worked with the group called united we dream to organize this effort that you see filmed here. these three kids, living here in the u.s., whose mothers had been deported. these three kids went to nogales. the kids in nogales, arizona, on this side of the border, and their moms to nogales, mexico, on the other side of the border. they road tripped and agreed to meet at the fence. these kids who had not seen their moms in years got to see their mothers finally through the barrier of the border fence. very emotional, moving demonstration. this is not play acting. this is real. these are real people, real family, real kids and their moms. this was accompanied by a very clear political message. this is what immigration reform looks like. call your legislators
. joining me now, congressman jim mcdermott from washington state, par of the bipartisan movement that wants congress to vote before any action in syria. congressman, what was your reaction to john kerry's statements today? >> well, it sounds very much like iraq. we've got the drumbeat of war, and we're giving the -- they're giving us the bums rush that everything is all in line and everything is perfect. i remember colin powell going to the united nations and telling us the very same sort of thing. they knew everything. and you can see what we got out of iraq. i actually remember the attacks that bill clinton made on sudan and afghanistan back in 1995. those were also told that we were going to hit a munitions factory where they were making weapons of mass destruction, and we are rushing too fast. the congress should be brought in. we should all be made aware of what's going on. it should not be the president acting unilaterally. it is not his army. it is the army of the united states of america, and we are the ones who are sending them to war and we should vote to do it and take responsibi
this guy who can come to washington, shake things up, maybe change how things get done. >> highest favorables in the nation. >> right. he does have this primary problem. at the end of the day when -- way i look at this gun issue is, in every nursery school across the country where kids who are, like, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old, after sandy hook, every single one of them changed the way they did something. and chris christie is the governor of the state of new jersey has the power to change something big that could stop another one of those from happening and doesn't have the courage to do that because he's worried about raund paul in iow? i think it really undercuts the brand he's trying to build. >> what is going to happen, though, within the republican primary process between the distance -- regarding the distance between what the republican base demands in the primaries, and what is a popular general election position. i mean, 95% of gun owning households in new jersey say that chris christie should sign this background check bill. i mean, new jersey, yeah, is a blue state but they el
exactly with the "washington post" breaking the news on the governor taking another $50,000 cash from a guy who he then offered a seat on a state medical board. now week two of the commonwealth of opportunity tour starts with the first major newspaper in virginia calling for governor bob mcdonnell to resign. it is the "daily progress" newspaper in charlottesville, virginia, and their editorial calling for governor mcdonnell is resign is brutal. "mr. mcdonnell's effectiveness is at an end. worst, mr. mcdonnell has become an outright liability to the commonwealth and its citizens. blindness to importance of the scandal. apparently because there is no true north in his ethical compass." there have been other calls, of course, for governor mcdonnell to resign before now, but before now it has mostly been democratic politicians making those noises. now, though, it is not just a major newspaper in the state of virginia, it is a major newspaper who endorsed the governor. "having endorsed mr. mcdonnell, nearly four years ago, it gives us no pleasure now to urge him to resign. in terms of what
the "washington post" and also cnn and also "time" magazine. when it launched that last attack, the syrian electronic army tweeted an image to show they had taken over the domain names. between late april and mid august, four months, this anonymous unknown hacker group, allied with the syrian government, successfully attacked and took over websites or twitter accounted connected to the "associated press", and the "guardian" and "financial times," "reuters, t" cnn, "time magazine and "the onion." today it happened again. 3:00 eastern this afternoon, "the new york times" website, no longer worked on my internet machine. i say it that way. weirdly, a friend working in northern new england who i was e-mailing with about something at the time said he was still able to access "the new york times" website, but in new york and most places, nobody could get it. "the new york times" quickly posted this message on their facebook page, acknowledging many people, most people were unable to access their website. they said "our initial assessment is the outage is most likely the result of a m
reach for him, and for democrats on election day. >> after decades of broken politics in washington, after eight years of failed policies from george w. bush, you don't need to boo, you just need your you just need to vote. after 21 months of a campaign that has taken us from the rocky coasts of maine, to the sunshine of california, we are one day away from changing america. one day. >> the next day barack obama went on to win florida. he when on to win virginia. he went on to win north carolina. a democrat won in north carolina. bill clinton did not win north carolina either time. but barack obama did. he did. just barely. he won by a little more than 14,000 votes. that was the first time a democrat had carried north carolina in a presidential election since jimmy carter. the obama campaign thought the state of north carolina was within reach. they pumped $15 million into the state to try to win it and they won it. they won on the strength of some key voting groups in the state. for example, voters 29 and younger voted for barack obama 74% to 26%. look at the african-american vote
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 79 (some duplicates have been removed)